DECEMBER 2ND, 2019 - MARCH 1ST, 2020

Renew your CLASP Membership for 2020!

It’s time to renew your CLASP Membership for 2020. Your dues contribute to a number of events and projects, most notably the CLASP Teaching Award for Junior Faculty, the CLASP Teaching Award for K-12 Educators, and especially the Americas Award for Children’s and Juvenile Literature. Over the past year we have also had sessions at various regional Latin American Studies meetings and also sponsored a booth for our members to display resources at the National Council for Social Studies, in addition to keeping all events up to date and resources on our website.

Some facts about CLASP Membership:
  • Membership is institutional or individual but the majority of our members are institutions that pay on a three-tiered scale according to enrollment
  • The membership year is the calendar year, January 1-December 31. (this is why we’re asking you to renew by March 1, 2020 please)
  • Membership renewal is easy! Click here to visit our website and pay by credit card via PayPal. Please check to see if this an acceptable avenue of membership payment with your Accounts Payable Department first if you do not know already.
  • If you need to pay by check, please download and use the 2020 CLASP Membership Form as an invoice.
  • If you have a payment situation with PayPal or the required use of a credit card by your Accounting Department, please contact me directly.
  • IMPORTANT Please update your membership information at our Google Form

If you have questions regarding your membership, please email Valerie McGinley. If you have questions about your subscription to the CLASP Listserv OR access to the Resources page of the CLASP Website, please contact Liesl Picard, our Publications Chair. CLASP is a volunteer-run organization so please be patient with responses to your inquiries.

PLEASE RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP BY MARCH 1, 2020. And please share with the appropriate person in your office to approve/process the payment.