MARCH 13TH, 2012

CLASP at LASA 2012

CLASP is pleased to sponsor several sessions at the upcoming LASA Congress which will be held in San Francisco, CA from May 23 — 26, 2012.

The panels, Indocumentales Film Series: New Horizons in Outreach and Why LCTLs Matter: Sharing Knowledge Across Cultures, will focus on outreach and language, two subject areas of critical importance to CLASP members. CLASP will also hold its annual Outreach Meeting where members will have the opportunity to share best practices and identify areas of potential collaboration. The three sessions include participants from CLASP member institutions, including New York University, San Diego State University, Stanford University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Texas-Austin, and Vanderbilt University.

This year’s Business Meeting will include an overview of the previous year’s activities, reports from standing committees, and a vote on amendments to the Bylaws.

Click here for the full schedule of CLASP activities. CLASP LASA 2012