Launch of CLASP Commissioned Paper Series

In support of CLASP’s international network of scholars, the CLASP commissioned paper series serves as a tool to highlight and disseminate cutting-edge research being conducted in the areas of language, teaching, outreach and administration and demonstrate the relevance of area studies to professional schools and diverse disciplines.

Commissioned papers will meet the following criteria:

Direct relevance to the CLASP mission
Likelihood for broad application among CLASP member institutions
Ability to have a measured impact on the strengthening of Latin American Studies programs
Contribution to new scholarship in given field

Contributing authors will be nominated by members of the CLASP Executive Committee; recommendations from CLASP members, including self-nominations, are encouraged as well.

Other details:
4 awards/year
Editorial guidelines Non-restricted publication rights; Times New Roman; 12 pt.; 7+ pages; Papers must be submitted in final draft format; Brief narrative bio of the author submitted with paper

Sponsored by the Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC) at Florida International University.