Américas Award Sparks Important Discussions in the Classroom

This past October 2014, the Américas Award explored themes of immigration, identity, bullying, and environmental justice through three different educational and cultural programs in Washington, DC. The cultural and educational impact of these events and the books recognized this past year however continue to be felt. The Américas Award continues to be supporting diversity in libraries and engaging communities in critical discussions on Latin America and Latino communities in the United States. Below, you will find a description of some of the programs offered in Washington and other programs coming up. If you are interested in getting involved with any of these outreach programs or have ideas for others, please contact Denise Woltering-Vargas or 504.865.5164.

Américas Award 2014

Parrots Over Puerto Rico on Exhibit
Original art from the 2014 Américas Award winning authors Cindy Trumbore and illustrator Susan Roth. This exhibit was on display at The Library of Congress Young Reader’s Center through October 24, 2014. The artist Susan Roth, spoke to students from the local dual language immersion school, Oyster Adams Bilingual School about her artwork. Students from this school recently wrote a review of Parrots Over Puerto Rico for Science Magazine.

Exploring Immigration and Identity in the K-12 Classroom using Américas Award Books
This educator workshop in collaboration with Teaching for Change and hosted by Busboys & Poets took place on Friday October 3rd, 2014. Twenty-one educators participated in the two and a half hour workshop. The workshop focused on Duncan Tonatiuh’s Honor title Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote and commended title, Meg Medina’s Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick your Ass. Both authors presented their book and strategies for incorporating them into the classroom. Teaching for Change’s Julian Hipkins coordinated a hands-on role play simulation focusing on lesser known Central American social activists. Each participant received both books, a curriculum on Central America developed by Teaching for Change, Américas Award bookmarks and access to teaching materials on the interactive Américas Award workshop website. Public Radio International’s The World highlighted the teacher workshop as part of a larger article on the absence of kids books on immigrant communities.

Américas Award Ceremony
Over 60 participants attended this year’s award ceremony. The ceremony included a presentation by Honor Book winner, Duncan Tonatiuh and award winners Cindy Trumbore and Susan Roth. The Library of Congress webcast for this program will be available shortly. It will be uploaded here.

The 2015 Américas Award committee members attended this year’s programming. The 2015 committee is currently busy reading submissions for this year’s competition which is still accepting 2014 copyright titles for the 2015 award. Decisions will be made by April and the award ceremony will be Friday, September 25, 2015 at The Library of Congress.

Upcoming Projects

K–5 Teachers Workshop: Exploring Immigration and Identity Using Children’s Literature
February 6, 2015
Sponsored by Stanford University’s Center for Latin American Studies and the Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education.
Register by clicking here
Download the workshop flyer

Américas Award Curriculum Resource
The University of New Mexico’s Latin American & Iberian Institute is currently finalizing a comprehensive K-12 educational resource for educators to accompany Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote.

The 2014 Américas Award is made possible by these important sponsors: Tulane University, Vanderbilt University, Florida International University, Stanford University, The Ohio State University, University of Florida, University of New Mexico, University of Utah, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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