CLASP promotes Latin America-related resources at National Conference for Social Studies

In 2016, CLASP continued a tradition that it has nurtured for over a decade: promoting Latin American Studies resources at the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) annual conference. As the largest association in the country devoted solely to social studies education, NCSS is the umbrella organization for elementary, secondary, and college teachers of history, civics, geography, economics, political science, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and law-related education. Its annual conference generally attracts 3,000+ participants.

This year, under the auspices of the Outreach Committee, ten institutional members of CLASP partnered to sponsor an exhibit booth that disseminated K–12 materials on Latin America to more than 400 conference attendees. We increased the visibility of CLASP and Latin America at the conference by distributing curriculum, publicizing our educational outreach activities (workshops, study abroad programs, lending libraries, etc.), and promoting the Américas Award.

CLASP generated great feedback and excitement among the many educators who stopped by the booth to learn more about how they could integrate Latin America into their courses.

Next stop: San Francisco, November 17-19, 2017 for the next NCSS. We welcome the participation of any interested CLASP member.

For more info, please contact:
Keira Philipp-Schnurer, Chair, Outreach Committee
University of New Mexico

Image: Exhibit booth support staff: Lisa Finelli of Vanderbilt University, Keira Philipp-Schnurer of The University of New Mexico; Claudia Girabaldi of University of Chicago; Megan Hasting of The Ohio State University. Not pictured: Lindsey Engleman, University of Texas at Austin.