2021 Global Read Webinar Series Announced

Once a month throughout the 2021 spring semester, the World Area Book Awards (Américas Award, Africana Book Award, Freeman Book Award, Middle East Book Award, and the South Asia Book Award) will sponsor a 60 minute webinar on a book recognized by one of the awards. Each webinar features a presentation by an award-winning author with discussion on how to incorporate multicultural literature into the classroom.

The Américas Award will kick off the 2021 Global Read Webinar Series on Tuesday, January 12 (7:00-8:00 PM EST) with a conversation with Aida Salazar, author of 2020 Américas Award Honorable Mention title The Moon Within.

Aida Salazar sets a new standard for the coming of age novel with this expertly crafted debut novel that reflects many of the realities that young people of color face today. Written in verse, this novel is artfully done and accessible; a must read for all gender identities. By fore fronting menstruation, Salazar helps to normalize what is still considered taboo in the 21st century while reminding us that we are a small part of something much greater. Join us and hear Salazar share her book 2019 book, The Moon Within (Grades 4 and up).

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