Publications & Research

Publications & Research Committee


  • Liesl Picard, Florida International University


  • Paloma Díaz, University of Texas-Austin
  • Emily Holley, Michigan State University
  • Julie Kline, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Bryan Pitts, University of California-Los Angeles
  • Marcela Vasquez-Leon, University of Arizona

The primary responsibility of the Publications & Research Committee of CLASP is to oversee the Commissioned Papers Series, manage the organization’s website and social media platforms and administer CLASP’s Faculty Research & Professional Development Grant. The CLASP website serves as a vehicle for promoting collaboration and exchange between Latin American Studies programs and is a clearing house for information about relevant summer language programs and teaching, research and outreach resources.

Duties of the Publications & Research Committee chair and members include:

  • Oversee the management and coordination of the CLASP website
  • Solicit submissions for the Commissioned Papers Series
  • Review and post final products of Commissioned Papers Series to the CLASP website
  • Pursue additional publication opportunities for CLASP including, but not limited to, additional features on the CLASP website
  • Manage and promote CLASP research and professional development opportunities

CLASP Commissioned Papers will meet the following criteria:

  • Direct relevance to the CLASP mission
  • Likelihood for broad application among CLASP member institutions
  • Ability to have a measured impact on the strengthening of Latin American Studies programs
  • Contribution to new scholarship in given field

Contributing authors will be nominated by members of the CLASP Executive Committee; recommendations from CLASP members, including self-nominations, are encouraged as well.

Other details:

  • 1 award/year
  • $500/award
  • Editorial guidelines: Non-restricted publication rights; Times New Roman; 12 pt.; 10+ pages; Papers must be submitted in final draft format; Brief narrative bio of the author submitted with paper

Sponsored by the Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC) at Florida International University and the Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs.

CLASP Commissioned Paper #4
Improving Spanish-Language Teacher Retention and Success among Black Spanish-Language Learners: An HSIHBCU Collaboration

  • Uju Anya, PhD, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Melissa Baralt, PhD, Florida International University
  • Déborah Gómez, PhD, Florida Memorial University
  • Habey Hechavarría, Florida International University
  • William Hobbs, PhD, Florida Memorial University
  • Amber Robinson, Florida International University

CLASP Commissioned Paper #3
A Community College and University Collaboration: Building the Capacity of Our Latin American Studies Programs

  • Erica Volkers, PhD, Central New Mexico Community College

CLASP Commissioned Paper #2
Building the Portuguese Dual Language Immersion Program in Utah: A Case Study

  • Jamie Leite, Portuguese Dual Language Immersion Director, State of Utah

CLASP Commissioned Paper #1
Factors Influencing the Growth of Portuguese Enrollments in the 21st Century

  • Margo Milleret, PhD, University of New Mexico

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