Publications Committee
Chair: Liesl Picard, Florida International University
Members: Emily Holley, Michigan State University
Julie Kline, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Megan Hasting, The Ohio State University
Paloma Díaz, University of Texas-Austin

The primary responsibility of the Publications Committee of CLASP is to oversee the Commissioned Papers Series and manage the organization’s website. The CLASP website serves as a vehicle for promoting collaboration and exchange between Latin American Studies programs and is a clearing house for information about relevant summer language programs and teaching and outreach resources.

Duties of the Publications Committee chair and members include:
  • Oversee the management and coordination of the CLASP website
  • Solicit submissions for the Commissioned Papers Series
  • Review and post final products of Commissioned Papers Series to the CLASP website
  • Pursue additional publication opportunities for CLASP including, but not limited to, additional features on the CLASP website

CLASP Commissioned Papers will meet the following criteria:

  • Direct relevance to the CLASP mission
  • Likelihood for broad application among CLASP member institutions
  • Ability to have a measured impact on the strengthening of Latin American Studies programs
  • Contribution to new scholarship in given field

Contributing authors will be nominated by members of the CLASP Executive Committee; recommendations from CLASP members, including self-nominations, are encouraged as well.

Other details:
  • 1 award/year
  • $500/award
  • Editorial guidelines: Non-restricted publication rights; Times New Roman; 12 pt.; 10+ pages; Papers must be submitted in final draft format; Brief narrative bio of the author submitted with paper

Sponsored by the Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC) at Florida International University and the Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs.